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Welcome to Tanglewood Christian Camp

If you want to register for a week of camp that is no longer listed please contact the camp. This just means that it is so close to that week of camp that online reg has closed. Please email: or call 512-446-3021

Mission Statement: to provide a venue for Christian Ministry through:

  • Retreat and reflection
  • Benevelent activities
  • Education, including: Evangelism- a presentation of the plan of salvation to non-Christians, through: A clear proclamation of the gospel, a consistent invitation to obey the gospel through: Faith in Christ, Repentance from sin, Confession of Christ, Baptism by immersion, of confessed, repentant believers, for the remission of sins, for the gift of the Holy Spirit
  • Discipleship- instruction for Christians in living the Christian life, including: Christian doctrines, Christian practices, and Christian standards
  • Advocacy- promotion, particularly to church leaders, of the restoration of New Testament Christianity, based on the Bible as the only divine authority for doctrine, ordinance, and practice, a program of simple obedience to the gospel, a plea for Christian unity, testimony of lives that bear the fruits of righteousness


All this to the glory of God and the advancement of His Kingdom in accordance with His Word.


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